on Apr 9, 2021

  Integration, learning new things, new ways to love and be and interact. Work your magic beautiful be-ing. Work your magic. Taking in what serves, and leaving the rest. Endless love and respect. You are beauty-full.

I drove my the hospital today…

on Apr 3, 2021

4/1/21 I drove by the hospital today on my way to a quick nature dip at the park. I was not thinking about the fact that it was coming up or that I would pass it on my short drive. I can only tell you that once it came into my field of vision something in me opened. The way I happened to come upon it, actually put me in direct alignment to see the specific window of the room I was last in. I took that in, a strange mix of familiarity, home even, for this place that brought me out here to a new big chapter of life, and also a feeling of distance. The first thought that entered my mind was an offering of love and support for all within those walls today.  A little prayer went out from my heart to all of theirs. A whisper, ” I know what it’s like.”  ” I’ve got you.” What came next was an incredible wave of gratitude for the time I have been able to...

Morning Sunshine

on Mar 28, 2021

There’s nothing quite like morning sunshine. We’ve reached the time of year here in our apartment when the sunshine reflects off of the windows of the building across the way. It reflects and directs this amazing life giving light so brilliantly right into our dinning room windows. It is GLORIOUS. I could not help but come to a complete stop on the way to the kitchen this morning to just soak it in.  I let myself take a deeeeeeep drink. I positioned myself to let this gift of life hit me right in the forehead, completely bathing every exposed part of my body in it’s brilliance. I could feel all my cells drinking it in with a big YES and THANK YOU and GOOD MORNING and THANK YOU again. There is NOTHING like morning sun, even just reflected off of another neighbor’s window, to start a day.  Mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm. Photo by Erick...

A Letter to My Lungs

on Mar 19, 2021

Dear Lungies, I recently watched a video of a pair of lungs in action, filling and releasing, filling and releasing. I was in awe. It is not the first time that I have been in awe by the magnificence that is the human body. I remember my first time at a Bodies Exhibit. I don’t know what was stronger, my amazement or my reverence as I walked through that space. Witnessing our compactness, the closeness of everything within these skin and facial capsules that we walk around in blew my mind. As I’ve learned more and more about our systems over my lifetime, I’m again and again in such delight and appreciation for the miracle of our bodies. The perfection of all the systems, working together in support of our lives is beyond anything this little mind could ever dream up. So it is no surprise that I felt amazement and reverence when witnessing these lungs filling,...

Living Inquiry… Conscious Practice With the Unknown.

on Mar 13, 2021

I’m currently offering a Continuum series called Living Inquiry. Throughout the series I am encouraging participants to intentionally arrive in to “not knowing”, not only each time we are together and with our explorations, but also practicing with this in moments of their every day lives, outside of class time.  So this week, I also wanted to ask you dear readers, to ponder the questions, “What don’t I know yet?”, “What am I curious about?”. If there’s nothing that comes to mind maybe a question could be, “What do I want to be curious about?”.   Another could be, “What is something I do not yet see?”.  Let’s spend some time living into these questions, letting ourselves open to them, not to get to an answer, but just as a lived invitation to a dance with curiosity. Letting these questions deepen into our systems opens us to new...


on Mar 7, 2021

  With Love. For LOVE. All Love.           Photo taken during the last trip before our move…at Owen’s Pond in our beloved ADK High Peaks, by my love, Ricker.