Big T Pow Wow- Versary!

on Feb 1, 2022

Yesterday was my two year Trikafta-versary.In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s been two years. I’m still in the learning curve of learning how best to work with this “new to me” body with my Trikafta super powers.In other ways it seems like pre-Trikafta was a lifetime ago.I still label every single one of my days on it with a number. My daily count helps remind me of the number of days, the time I have so much gratitude for.(Not that I didn’t have gratitude for my life before Trikafta.  I did and I do. The whole big beauty-full crazy thing.)It certainly has not been an easy or seamless transition, but wow, to be where I am at now, at this time in my life, coming out of a MAC treatment that it seemed I might loose to.
This feels like, this is, a dream I didn’t even know how to dream come true.Thank you Big T.My Pow Wow!?