Upcoming Continuum Series, Laura Weaver’s “Luminous”, and Full Circle Perfection

on Sep 22, 2022

I’m offering a three week Continuum series starting at the end of this month that I’m calling “Open Weave”.  It’s a Continuum based exploration of well being.  The series is inspired by what I’m currently working with, a compilation of somatic inquiries that have come from spontaneous openings, ways of re-nourishing, re-sourcing, and cultivating freedom/life/health/wholeness.

After I opened to, said yes to hosting and offering this series, this poem just happened to find it’s way across my ears and into the field of “my own luminous being”.   Perfect.
(And upon further research, and as an aside, Laura Weaver sounds pretty damn awesome.)

by Laura Weaver

There is a place within
that cannot be destroyed

by flood or fire
by bloodthirsty armies
or devastating illness—
it is this untouchable essence of us

that quakes with irrepressible light
and bears the intolerable weight
of all that must be felt to awaken.

When I first remembered myself again
after surgery, my own name strange,
both of my breasts removed—
I did not feel loss nor grief, but a love
so ferocious it rolled through me
like thunder, bringing healing rain.

After that, came a knowing
of my own wholeness
beyond any story, beyond
any dismemberment—
this revelation of our luminous body
that remains intact innocent
and unharmed in spite
of all of our sacred shatterings.

And yes, now the landscape
is unrecognizable—yes, now,
there is no old path to go back to—
yes, now there is the quivering arrow
of this moment piercing the heart—
the illusion of invulnerability
stripped away, laid bare to this truth.
And so it is. And so we are.

Before I came to this life,
I was shown this world
from the distant shores of it—
and in that moment, I saw
the full arc of my days here,
the exquisite range
of this embodied dreaming.
Oh how beautiful, I cried.
Oh how terrible.
Oh—This terrible beauty.

And the angel who guided me
simply pointed to the shimmering horizon
and nodded, and said—Yes.


Here’s my resonance, or part of my resonance with Laura’s expression, today-

There are moments where I’ve had that full circle picture of what I’m doing here, my agreement, my offering up of my physical to teach and be and learn and offer, the gift of the whole of my life. 

There are moments of terrible beauty- of being in a hospital bed and offering teaching in this form (to others and myself), of being with heart break- mine or holding another’s, of witnessing what we do to each other. 

Then more Beauty- a wide open flower, the big open sky, a waterfall, a tree standing rooted, branches up to the sky no matter the weather,  for as long as it can hold itself up, or the kindness of two strangers, or both precious small and heroic efforts of care, moments of what it is to love, and Love. 

All Beauty.
All Beauty.

This short series, Open Weave,  is in honor of all those things, and places we can’t go back to.  It is in honor of new horizons, of the skins and identities we have shed, and the new ones inside. 

Maybe most importantly, it is in honor of our “untouchable essence”, our “irrepressible light” , our “luminous body” always in tact, unharmed.  (You cannot harm light, and that is, at the truth of it, what we are.)

This series is an effort to encourage each of us into our own “ferocious thunder of love”, to remember and find our nourishing rains from the deep well of being. ( I will introduce explorations to root into deep Earth Momma,  to feel into the vast cosmos of being that called us into existence, and from our own initial spark of being, our original “yes” to this life.)

This poem came to me after I had already drafted the Open Weave series outline, after all the internal calls and inspirations, and then just landed in my ears.  Perfect.  Of course.  Full circle.
It’s time to offer out again.


*For those who are curious about the series more info can be found at myfluidnature.com .
Registration ends Sept 25.  Classes start Sept 29. 

Photo by https://www.instagram.com/jonasferlin/