Perspective- Lessons from Luna

on Mar 5, 2022

It occurred to me, while I was walking Bahni through our city streets, and got a glimpse of dear LunaIsn’t it kind of crazy that I can stand on my street and see the moon in a mid day sky, but I can’t see the next town over?I understand why of course, in a logical sense, but isn’t that just interesting to think about?It reminds me that if we only look at a phenomenon from one point of view, we can easily miss all the factors and layers of other stuff that could be in the way of us seeing something clearly.The next town over is certainly closer to me right now than the moon, but the angle from which I’mstanding provides me with this particular line of site. One window of seeing vs another.At this place, where I’m currently standing, there are things in my line of site between me and the next town over that prevent me from seeing it.Distance, in the case of the moon, actually provides me an advantage in seeing it more clearly.

This metaphor on perspective, I think, is such an important point to keep in mind.  Particularly in this time of such big opinions about what’s “true”, what’s “right”, what agendas and intention are, and who’s to blame for this or that.

There is wisdom in understanding that there might be more to the picture, sometimes as close as the next street over, than what I can see.
Sometimes the buildings and walls that prevent us from seeing “the next town or street over” are our own internal biases or cultural voices.

When we have extra distance from a situation, we might have the advantage of seeing something more “clearly”, or at least a fuller picture of that something we are observing.
I find this is also true for myself throughout the “distance” of time from a situation.  When I’m “in” it, I might be blinded by the intensity and my immediate responses to what’s happening, but with some time, I often begin to have the advantage of a broader perspective on the same situation.
Of course, the are other situations where the opposite might be true, or maybe some other angle of perspective is more advantageous, like a side view, or view from the top of a building (this reminds me of seeing from a higher internal vibration actually).

It occurs to me that this is such an important and true metaphor to take in and remember.

Thanks dear Luna and landscape I can and cannot see for your reflection and lessons.