To School With Ducks

on Jan 23, 2021

Jan 19, 2021 I took some time out for a sit down by the river today. I found a spot with a mini beach made of rock. The smell of the turning water, mixed with earth and mud, came in through my nostrils and went behind my heart,  deep into my belly, and I smiled. The ducks were in all their glory today, sunshine giving their greens and blues and browns such a beautiful reflective sheen. I let myself lay back on the rock, dropping down to Momma Earth in full surrender. I let go. I said thank you. I let go some more. And then, as I always inevitably do, I felt the call to start to come back up to engage with the world again. I let myself just pause at the sitting though, before getting up to leave. I was drawn to spend even just a little more time watching the ducks again. And then I was given a gift. This female duck just let herself be close to me. She wasn’t looking to me for food. She...

Being With Breath

on Jan 16, 2021

Hello dear readers, whoever you are.  This week, I thought I would share with you a little excerpt from the Emergent Breath Continuum Series that I taught this past October…. Robert Litman, Continuum Teacher and Buteyko Practitioner says about breath- “Breath is to me, for me, about me.” My interpretation, experience, and translation of this is as follows: Breath is to me.  Breath comes to me from the abundance of air all around me, right under my nose for me to inhale, take in.  It’s right here.  I do not have to reach or strive for it. Even if at times it is only small sips, it is here and comes to me.   Breath is for me. Breath is my being’s choice to live.  As I take it in, receiving what I need and releasing what I do not, breath is happening for me, so that I can live. It is part of my body’s “yes” to life.  Breath is about me.  Breath and the...

For Those Days When You Can’t See The Sun.

on Jan 10, 2021

For those days when you can’t see the sun, eat a fruit. Let your body press up against a tree, let a branch kiss your brow. Let an herb from your garden rest on your tongue. Let yourself feel the radiance of your own body, from the inside out. We have all these places where we can feel the energy of the sun if we care to try. It’s here, underneath the veil of what we need to know with our eyes. Take advantage of this darker time to let the sun make itself known to you in all it’s under cover and brilliant forms. He sings, “I am still here, shining through, waiting for you to open yourself in new ways, to know me.”

A String Of Lights

on Jan 2, 2021

A string of lights. Hope shining, little dots of glow. Connection glistening, a step out of the ordinary, from the ordinary, made beautiful by intention. A string of lights. We are. We can be. Light the world one by one with our soul shine, string of lights.     Photo by Dzenina Lukac


on Dec 26, 2020

Dear 2020, You have taught me a lot. (On that note, the last number of years has actually, but you dear 2020, were the level 200 course.) I’ve learned who will be there when push comes to shove. I’ve learned that some who say that they care, when faced with being inconvenienced, or really having to take a look at their impact, actually don’t. I’ve learned who is willing to stay and have the tough conversations and who just won’t. I’ve learned that I am one of the brave people who can. I’ve listened, observed, and seen true colors. I’ve learned and had tested, the limits of my people pleasing and peace making. I’ve learned a bit more about what finally takes me to a place where I say enough is enough and walk away. My discernment has strengthened, but so has my ability to hold a thoughtful perspective that is not the same as mine....

In This Little Room

on Dec 19, 2020

In this little room. In this little room surrounded by concrete and brick. In this little room I have found Heaven and Earth, Connection and Freedom. In this little room, reaching out to the Whole, in Honesty, in Vulnerability. In Strength and Prayer and Dance and Song. In THIS little room I have found myself and you and All. Connected and apart. Connected and apart. We are. We are dancing life forever. Unbridled, free, you, and me. In all of our little, big, connected rooms, 1 and 10, 000. Ever more.


on Dec 13, 2020

my Sound, my Dance, IS my Prayer that words could never capture.

Holy Beautiful.

on Dec 8, 2020

Holy shit. Holy shit there is so much beauty. There is so much to be curious about. So much wonder. There is so much. There is so much. There is so so much. We have a choice to notice. What have you harvested from the day that you are willing to take a stand for? Take a stand for out on the world floor. Planting at the speed of trust. Planting at the speed of trust. Breath in. Breath out. Your prayer circles the world, IS the world. You are earth, water, fire, air. Space wide open holding it all. Holy shit. Holy shit. It’s all holy holy beautiful shit.     *Inspired by the depths, dance with the elements, and movement with Susan Harper and Michael Molin-Skelton. Michael’s words:  “What have you harvested from the day that you are willing to take a stand for? Take a stand for out on the world floor.” “…Planting at the speed of...