Living Inquiry… Conscious Practice With the Unknown.

on Mar 13, 2021

I’m currently offering a Continuum series called Living Inquiry. Throughout the series I am encouraging participants to intentionally arrive in to “not knowing”, not only each time we are together and with our explorations, but also practicing with this in moments of their every day lives, outside of class time.  So this week, I also wanted to ask you dear readers, to ponder the questions, “What don’t I know yet?”, “What am I curious about?”. If there’s nothing that comes to mind maybe a question could be, “What do I want to be curious about?”.   Another could be, “What is something I do not yet see?”.  Let’s spend some time living into these questions, letting ourselves open to them, not to get to an answer, but just as a lived invitation to a dance with curiosity. Letting these questions deepen into our systems opens us to new...


on Mar 7, 2021

  With Love. For LOVE. All Love.           Photo taken during the last trip before our move…at Owen’s Pond in our beloved ADK High Peaks, by my love, Ricker.


on Feb 28, 2021

Opening. Awaken. Speak. Tender. Tender. Source. Petals powerful (wounded, threaded). Life. Awaken. Here. Lush. Pink. Sacred. Guarding and un-guarding. Tsunami waves. Petal waves. Pink. Whole. Fractured. Sensitive. Being. Layers. Deep? Whole. Waiting. Trusting. Deep. Rich. Possible. Young. Sensitive. Life allowed. Fear. Penetration. Left. Abandoned. Cut off. Reuniting. Reuniting. Reuniting. Together.


on Feb 19, 2021

It’s a hard thing when a day of birth also becomes a day of loss.   Time on this planet does not define the depth of the reach of a life.   Longing, a big sister to see her baby brother that never got to grow up in this world. Who would you be? Who would we be? We will never know.   Maybe it’s better that way. No one can know, but Life itself, of which you are a part.   Sending a wave from my heart out and in to the place you are. I wonder.   Either way, your imprint is in our hearts forever.   Colton Tice Johnson

Choosing to Live a Life of Bravery and Integrity- Construct Your Life Interview

on Feb 13, 2021

Hello Everyone! For this week’s blog I’m doing something a little different.  I’m sharing a link to the podcast, Construct Your Life with Austin Linney.  Austin had me on as his guest on January 19th and the podcast was recently released on his different platforms. I shared a bit about my life, a slice really out of all I could have shared, but it was a decent chunk.  I talked about some important choice points in my own life, but also just the importance of knowing and finding our choice points in general.  We talked about the importance of knowing ourselves, being brave enough to find out what’s important and true for each one of us and moving from there. So…  without further ado, here it is.  I hope that you all might enjoy watching or taking a listen on your favorite podcast player. With love, honesty, vulnerability, and a whole bunch else, Kori...

Transmuting… Flowering

on Feb 7, 2021

  Letting the flowers of being climb up my foot, my ankle, my leg… into my root, birthing life. Life climbing into my belly, my chest, lighting up my bones, peeking and blossoming out the sides of my rib basket. Climbing, growing, reaching up to and through my throat. Kissing my voice, freeing… with tenderness, the lump in my throat I have been carrying. Freeing my soul, my soul, to speak, to be… to be the flowering of me. Climb, climb, climb up through my third eye. Go ahead. Climb, climb, climb. I celebrate your blossoming and your rise. Grow from the ash of what needed to be burned. Growing from the ash of what needed to be burned. The flowers of Love, seeds planted, rising.       Jazzy working her transmuting magic on flowers of hope rising...

365 Trikafta

on Jan 31, 2021

Today is day 365 of Trikafta for me. (It also happens to be my beloved Ricky’s birthday. How lucky am I to celebrate two of the most important gifts of my life on one day?!) I don’t know if I have accurate words to describe what the experience of this first year of life with Trikafta has meant to me, has meant for me. My eyes are wet, a lump is building in my throat as I type. I am not coughing. I don’t have a memory of a time when there was a stretch of months where regular, full body coughing was not a part of my reality.  I am sure there was probably a time when I was little where the torment of CF was focused more in my belly than my lungs, but my memory does not stretch back far enough into that place to recall that experience. It’s amazing how much energy ongoing coughing actually takes. I’ve been able to keep some weight on.  I can’t help but...

To School With Ducks

on Jan 23, 2021

Jan 19, 2021 I took some time out for a sit down by the river today. I found a spot with a mini beach made of rock. The smell of the turning water, mixed with earth and mud, came in through my nostrils and went behind my heart,  deep into my belly, and I smiled. The ducks were in all their glory today, sunshine giving their greens and blues and browns such a beautiful reflective sheen. I let myself lay back on the rock, dropping down to Momma Earth in full surrender. I let go. I said thank you. I let go some more. And then, as I always inevitably do, I felt the call to start to come back up to engage with the world again. I let myself just pause at the sitting though, before getting up to leave. I was drawn to spend even just a little more time watching the ducks again. And then I was given a gift. This female duck just let herself be close to me. She wasn’t looking to me for food. She...