A Day In The Life…. MAC Dance Clinic Day

on Apr 10, 2019

Clinic visit 3 while in MAC treatment at NJH. I was hoping for the news that we could start the year count down, but I guess we’re not quite there yet, but as you’ll see at the end of the video I have a special treat planned for once we do ;). All in all, this body is hanging in there for sure, doing the deal and getting through.  

shazoopdy doo!

on Apr 9, 2019

It took a little recognition and motivation, but definitely worth the twirl. ?‍♀️✨

Meeting fear, knowing Love.

on Mar 23, 2019

I woke up sick to my stomach, nothing super new while in this treatment, but this morning I also had an icy hot tingling sensation on the back of my neck and in between my shoulder blades. It’s so interesting and strange and I also felt fear. What IS all of this? I’ve also spent the last two days between the CF clinic and the eye doctor, and will return Monday (after giving one of the meds a rest over the weekend). I’ve had some eye challenge and pain and they want to make sure the drugs aren’t doing damage to my eyes. (The good news here is that the preliminary testing looks like things are ok in that department. Tests Monday are to confirm this.) Anyway, I share this as a background to say that I’m noticing I have not fully conquered my fear reflex yet. I still have some fear of what these drugs running through my system can do, or may be are doing. What is this strong (and my mind...

KT YouTube Channel

on Mar 20, 2019

Hi Everyone! So I’ve had a YouTube channel for a bit that I really have not done much with except some silly things with Facebook over the years, or used as a way to privately send videos for some classes I have taught. BUT, I’m feeling the call to start sharing a bit more and I think that video may be the way I share a chunk of it.  I will still write, as well as linking some things here I would guess, but for those who have interest in checking out what I will be sharing on YouTube, here is the channel. I suppose at some point I should pull all of this together and create a hub website. For now, here it is, another avenue of KT Love: Kori Tolbert YouTube And here is the link to one of the first videos of this chapter.  

Round 3. Here we are…the beginning of the end of my MAC dance.

on Mar 8, 2019

After a whole lot of thought, questions, research, and deliberation, and then finally just going with what my gut said…. A word from KT on what’s now (and for the next year…ish…)  

Love and honoring in action, a little clip from St Joe’s this past January

on Mar 2, 2019

Hi guys, So as I said in my last note out to you all, there really was so much that I could, but have not shared yet, from this past hospital stay.  So many opportunities to really sink deeper into Self and Love.  There were some scary times, some beautiful times, some hard times, and also some times of release and ease.  They are all just moments really. So here’s one of them: This little clip actually came from a video message that I was sending to a friend.  It was towards the end of my stay, so although you’ll still see me hooked up to my friend IV (I didn’t name the pole this time, but he was formerly known as Tubey McTubeface), I was doing much better at this point.  I think it was about two days before I went home. I wanted to share because I feel like it’s a sweet little testament to the beauty that can unfold when we see, honor, and hear each other. In...

Belated Hospital Note from Jan 23, 2109

on Feb 8, 2019

There was a lot that happened this past hospital stay. A lot that I did not share publicly that I thought I might share later.  Or not. I picked my journal back up today and reread pieces. I decided to share a little bit, a few glimpses into that time. Here’s one: 1/23 It’s good they put the date on the wall.  Otherwise I wouldn’t know.  Tired.  Hyper-oxygenated maybe.  Metaneb to the rescue.  Shaking.  Cold from meds.  Maybe just shaking with the freedom of Life.  Maybe normally I would get scared and shut it down, the shaking, but today I can just stay.  Be with It. The perfect circumstances creating the perfect thing- to pop. My bubble is popping , maybe if there’s even such a thing as a bubble.  Nothing is needed. I felt the knowingness of Freedom this morning.  I don’t have to be afraid.  Of This. Just let it all fall apart.  I’m am…...

Crazy Ass Snowman Love Flowers

on Dec 27, 2018

It’s Jib Jab season in the Tolberty household. It’s that time of  year where I get to make cartoons out of us and share it with our friends and family, like it or not. It’s just normally a fun silly way to spread cheer.  I probably watch them the most laughing my head off hahahaha. The one I picked this year was not even actually my favorite, not a great song or funny mouth movements, although I do have to say that this shot IS pretty funny: I tried on all sorts of goofy ones, but in the end, it was this one that won. Here’s why: I felt the resonance with this silly little cartoon. I could feel it as this perfect little parabole for our recent life. I could feel the resonance with the seemingly “big stuff” that has loomed. The scary stuff where the automatic response can be, “Shit!  Run!!”. I felt MAC.  I felt me putting the smile on the...