on Oct 8, 2021

We were back at oncology with the Bahnster today.
A mammary tumor was found/confirmed.

Another surgery is recommended.

We have some decisions to make.
I’m processing this information.

When we got home my poor girl hid her head under the pillows on the couch and just slept.  She didn’t even want to get up for a walk or car ride later in the day, which is really unusual for her.

I feel like she feels bad about this news that was delivered. I can’t explain exactly why I feel this way and I guess I don’t need to, except to say we are connected and I feel it.  That’s all.

Dear Bahn,
It’s ok that you have a mammary tumor.
It’s not your fault.
You are perfect.

We will meet whatever we need to, to be with you in this.
We will do it together, and even if parts are hard, and they very well may be, we will all grow through it, we will love you through it.

I trust you and me and Love and we.
I’m here and I would not trade any moment with you, not a single one.

You are Love incarnate.

I will stay.
I am staying.
You are my girl.