Wildflower Life

on Jun 4, 2021

Hello there dear readers who take the time.

Today is my birthday and my mom is coming to visit!
It will be the first time that we are getting to see each other in a year and a half.
So this is a wonderful present in itself, but the cherry on top of the cake is that we are hoping to go find ourselves some early summer mountain wild flowers for my special day :)!

In honor of this, I thought I would share with you a piece that emerged through me last week as I was coming out of a Continuum dive.  I opened my eyes to this photo by my good buddy David Drons.  (I love that you can subtly see my reflection because that’s basically what happened when I opened my eyes to it! That said, it does not of course do his image justice.) The photo was taken while he was in Alaska, a place that I still hope to see. Upon opening my eyes, I felt my body become earth body, I felt all the layers of my consciousness blossoming and moving and budding and dying and re-flowering and kissed by the breeze.

So, here it is, “Wildflower Life”:

My body the earth, my consciousness the flowers.

Wildflowers abundant and free and beauty-full.

Yes there are places where there are planned and manicured gardens.

But for now, I let myself be/feel/notice the wild ones.

Covering the valleys and hills and open spaces.

The places where there are fewer big tall trees to take up the sun.

I smile, in my flower self.

I say hello to the bees as they buzz around me, landing for a bit and then leaving again.

I let my petals be tickled and moved by the wind.

When it rains, I soak up the drops, feeling each one as a kiss from the sky.

I let the sun call me up and out of myself, to open, and to be known, my essence given freely into the vast space around me.

And then when it is time, I give my flowering back to my earth body, that it may be transmuted and composted, back into the nourishment for more flowering and life to come.

My existence is forever, held in the wide open of Love.