Who is this Kori chick anyway?

on Dec 10, 2015

Well hello there Readers!
I’m not quite sure yet if there will be one of you (I hope there’s at least one of you), or two, or ten, or ten thousand, but for those of you who have interest, the following is today’s snap shot of “me”.
I feel like it’s only fair to share a bit about myself before getting the rest of what spills out up and running ;).

In the name of transparency, I guess I also have to admit that I feel a little, well, funny about blogging at all in the first place. I feel like it’s saying, without directly saying, that what I have to say is worth the time and energy that I put in to put it out there, but also that you invest in reading it.

What feels more true for me, and why I have at long last decided to go ahead with this site, is that I do have a perspective to share. It’s most certainly not for everyone and not everyone will see value in it and that’s ok. Not only is it ok, but it’s part of the beauty of what makes us all so different, in other words, not boring. On the other hand, for those that find these sharings helpful, inspirational, amusing, or any other descriptor worth the read then the sharing is worth it.

And, in honor of total transparency, more of my truth is that sometimes my writing, and getting it out, is also just for me. It’s an expression of what I’ve gathered on this crazy ride we call life and I find beauty in seeing that expression take form in the shape of words on a page, or screen. I do still love that paper though, nothing quite like the written word with an actual pen, pencil, or even marker, but the computer can be a good tool for expression reaching far and wide.
So in honor of all that, here goes…

Who is Kori today?

I was recently interviewed for a short film documentary. (That film by the way, is called “Three Lives” and was produced by UCO media for the Just Breathe CF Ball on Dec 19th- exciting stuff to be a part of! link to the trailer) They asked some great questions as part of their interview.

One was, What makes you who you are?
My response:  I would say my capacity to love, and also to really show up, even when life might knock me down. Don’t get me wrong, I have my “F” it days, but I know how to pick myself back up and be with what is without becoming hard or cold. I think being able to keep love and joy, appreciation and gratitude as a foundation is something that I have become good at. I also don’t give up on myself, and many times others for better or for worse haha.

I also know how to work hard for what’s important to me.

I notice things, little things, big things, the beauty in the world and I’m grateful for it. I stop to drink in the things that maybe others might walk by or not pause for because I know the preciousness of this life. I find myself wanting to say, “Don’t miss it”.  Maybe that’s my legacy.  (They asked about my legacy in another question.) Don’t miss it. Know this life’s preciousness.”

I am someone who was aware from a young age that our lives, in these bodies, are limited.   With that in mind, I do not want to waste a day, or a chance to connect with loved ones, or to make a “love print” on the hearts of those of those I care for.

The producers of “Three Lives” also asked me,  “What gives your life meaning?”.
Although I think that could be grounds for a whole separate entry I think it’s a fair “getting to know” me question that could be included here.
My response: “I have a strong spiritual foundation. I am grateful to know something bigger than this body and this little self. So, I think my answer would be knowing LOVE through all it’s expressions.”  (When I say LOVE I mean the big one, like LOVE= Truth= God= the Life force running through every little and big thing just to be clear. And that’s not to poo poo “love” in any way shape or form.  That kind of emotion/experience, love, is a totally awesome part of being a human in my opinion.  It’s just not what I’m talking about when I say LOVE.)

On that note, I can also fairly say that connection to others is important to me. I care about connecting with those I love. My relationships with my family and friends, who are now also family, matter to me.  I would do most anything for those I care deeply for, maybe to a fault. Alas, meaningful relationships with those I love gives an aspect of my life a lot of meaning. I feel sad sometimes when that is not possible.

So what else?
I’m a licensed massage therapist and health coach and have a practice at a wonderful health center called Our Natural Essence. I’ve been doing that work for just about 15 years now and have really loved making my living this way.
I love to travel. It’s harder than it used to be for this body these days, but I’ve had my fair share of adventures through education and exploration to Europe, Japan, India, Mexico, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and throughout different parts of the continental US. I did a lot of my travel solo and know the challenge, joys, and freedom of that, but also love sharing adventures with my husband now.

I am partner in a beautiful romantic relationship. With who might you ask? Well that lucky gentleman goes by the name of Ricky Michael Doherty.
He is one of my very favorite gifts in my life thus far.
He is strong, and kind, and good down to his core. Yes, I still want to shake him some days, but would trade him none of those. We share both the joys and the compromise of creating our life together. Another subject for it’s very own blog post to come I am sure.

I’m also the mommy of two fur babies. One of which is a kitty we call Jasmine who is certain she is actually Queen of The Universe. The second is a pit/terrier mix we adopted, maybe a bit prematurely, but love to the end of Earth and back and call Bahni. (If you’re asking me, her official name is Bahni Blue Honey Bee. If you ask Rick she’s The Bahnster.)
I love a sunday morning at home with my Ricky D and our little furry family. It is one of my favorite things, especially if you add in some music in the kitchen and gluten free, dairy free pancakes!

What else do I love? What else brings this crazy heart of mine joy?
Hand written notes. Especially if they are messages from loved ones.
Oo! Oo! And I love pictures made by hand.
I love long boarding, snow boarding, wake boarding, wake surfing, and also the fact that I have a body that is still mostly able to do them.
I love hiking, swimming in lakes, by waterfalls, and in the ocean,
I love the sounds of the ocean and I love sand between my toes. One of my favorite feelings is digging my toes or fingers into the sand, smelling salty air, and feeling sun on my skin. Mmmm sunshine! I love sunshine.
I love autumn colors and all the incredible expressions of nature in her glory all year long actually. Oh Oh Oh! I could definitely go on here. Another entry.

I love hula hooping, especially when I find that grove where there’s nothing else, but me and my hoop and the music we are in. Oh, and fire hooping. Now THAT is a feeling like none other. I love when I’ve mastered a new trick that looked impossible, with my hoop, or just in life for that matter.
Although I have neglected them lately, I do still so love my ukuleles. I have one named Joy and one named Helen.
I love live music of all kinds. There’s nothing like live music, to really be near the instruments and the people playing them, including that incredible instrument of voice.
I love watching people who have talent shine. It doesn’t really matter what it is if they are in love with what they are doing. There really is something so magical about someone who is radiating with ease.

I really like days when I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything, and can have some open space to see what unfolds.

I love laying on the Earth and feeling her support.
In some ways I’m more of a “girl” than I ever was and in others I am so far from that and happy that way.

I am a daughter and a big sister. The family details of which are a little complicated ;).

My mom was, and is, kind of my steadfast rock who stayed through it all.  I’m fortunate enough to still have her in my life today. I have my biological father and my step father.  Neither of which are married to my mom at this point. My relationships with my Dads are evolving and changing and I’m grateful for the love that we share, the support in the ways they could give over the course of my life, and the possibilities of what might still unfold there. My parents and their partners are all pretty incredible in their own different ways.

I am also someone who happens to have Cystic Fibrosis.
Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects all the mucous membranes of the body. What does that mean for me? Well, it means life these days takes more planning (and those plans could be changed in a second) and effort than it might if I did not have it. It also means I have collected some insights and perspectives that I may not have if I did not have CF. It means my life could be potentially shortened and is more complicated than fun sometimes. And it’s a part of me that I have learned with, grown from, and will shine through.

And with that, I have created my first, probably WAY too long blog entry.

Love and Gratitude,