on Nov 29, 2018

Alive? Check.

Sunshine outside my window? Check.

About 20 thousand more things to appreciate and marvel at? Check.

Ok, so now to cut the crap and put myself into something that really matters.
Getting to the business of unpacking myself.

If I can do even the smallest bit of This each day then I will have done something of value, something worth while. 

This is part of my renewed and remembered commitment to this world. 

It’s time to cut those straps, that tape, that keeps this ray of god busy, boxed, and small.
The scissors are on the shelf.
What the hell are you waiting for girl?
Open the package. 

Open up those flimsy, yet binding cardboard flaps and let It breathe.
You’re here so why not?
Maybe it’s even a process of just tearing off one little section at a time, even a section of a flap.   Maybe other days it’s a karate chop and a delicious head shaking crazy dance as the pieces go flying.  Ooooo!  I like that image.
Immediate smile.  Feels goooooood!

Let the dang light in and out, and then eventually, you might even be ready to break down the whole big box for the recycling shoot, never to be used in this particular life again. 

Never to be fit in a truck or a room or a closet ever again.  Just free!