Time With Earth Momma

on Dec 21, 2018

Rick and I took a much needed drive to the foot hills yesterday.
It’s been a long stretch.

After a short hike in, I got to sit, and then lay, on the earth again.
I just let myself sink into her.  Rest.

There is nothing quite like feeling my back softening into Her.
My breath softens.  My heart softens, opens to Her, which is such a beautiful part of the All.

I went with the intention of listening.
It’s so quiet.  So beautifully quiet.
And so after a little indulging in the privilege of laying on the ground and just being held, I asked.
I asked her if there was anything she wanted me to know, to hear before I heading back to the city again.
I felt Her well up in me.  In my heart.
I felt her say that she is here no matter if my back is actually on her or not.
I felt the benefit of feeling this, breathing this daily.

So in honoring and remembering, here I am this morning, breathing the Earth in my heart.
Holding her this time, which is also holding you.
Such a sweet and rich Love.