Stepping into Change.

on Aug 6, 2021

Aug 3
I find myself still waiting for her to come when I wake up and ask me, tell me, to feed her, hop up on the bed.
I’m still watching for her to come under my feet when I wake up.
I’m still not shutting the bathroom door, because inevitably she will want to come in, then out, then back in again … then realize I can shut it. There’s no reason to keep it open this morning.
My heart feels the emptiness, tears come…then the ok, I’m stepping into change.



Aug 5
I did Continuum this morning (first time since Jazzy passed).
I felt her come in and be right beside me. On my left side. Laying down, head up, just watching and being, like she used to. Then resting in as I dove deeper.

Still here, just different.