some days

on Jun 26, 2017

Some days I feel scared.  Some days I feel scared of what’s happening or what’s to come.

I’ve seen what CF can do.

I’ve seen what it can take.

I’ve seen how quickly it can happen.

I’ve seen what it can look like.

I have experienced levels of letting go into all of this, and ultimately I do trust that I will be ok and that Love is happening, and will continue to happen.

And still…

Some days there is a lump in my throat and the tears are right there and a wave of overwhelm comes and I feel scared.

Maybe sad too.  Maybe then numb, but yes, some scared…





I do, with all sincerity, believe that what I am is not confined to this body.

This ray of being shines through brighter and brighter as I pay attention to It.

Thank you.



And yet, in some places “I” also still feel scared sometimes.

So, as the waves come I meet them.  I meet them with honesty and softness to the best of my ability, and with this mindful transparency, we move together, until we see we are One, with Grace.