Rise Baby Rise

on Aug 3, 2017

Aug 2, 2017

I did not want to get on my bike this morning.


About half way through the ride I get the gift.

I am so damn lucky to be able to be doing this right now.

I make it through the morning heavy and I begin to feel,
to know,
the pleasure in the push against the pedals.

I am not fast, but I meet my own fierce.

There are places on the trail where the roots of the trees have pushed up the pavement,
making waves in what is not meant to move

Some of these black top waves are so big that hitting them in just the right place could literally through you from your bike.
I dodge, jump, and weave through these trees’ testaments to life,
acknowledging their awesomeness.
Rise baby rise!

I feel my own “pavement” pushing back.

Chills come as I meet todays limits and find my appreciation for all that has allowed me to come this far. 

I feel some guilt too honestly, thinking of my friends who cannot do this now.

But this does not actually help them, or me….
So I return to my thank you,
sending some of what I have out through space to where it can be used

I thank Grace,
and also the part of That that is myself,
my ability to find my “rise” when it felt easier to be covered.

It’s the close of this ride and the body rockers have come.
Coughs roar uncontrollably until I’m gagging on them and what they bring.
Good morning neighbors.

Rise baby rise.








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