on Apr 25, 2017

I have had an especially hard time since last week… emotionally and physically pretty spent.

I also know this is not all of Life and it’s just what I have been feeling and there is more, more perspective, more possibility.  I think maybe tending to this knowingness in ways that I could has held an important door open for some other aspect of my consciousness.

Then, Last night, I received a gift.

While making dinner, stirring the onions, tomatoes, and peppers in the sauce I was creating to be exact, I began to remember.  I remembered the privilege of  being able to make dinner, to have a body and mind that could do so.  I remembered the privilege of having ingredients to work with, someone I love to cook for, a roof over my head, and a (pretty darn awesome) stove to cook it all on.  I remembered that this would not be so forever, that there would be a time when I might not be able to do this task or have these things.  It is with this gift of perspective that I let appreciation of these moments of my day sink into all my cells and bathe my mind with it’s wisdom and softness.

So, I guess it wasn’t only our bellies that were fed tonight :).  My spirit got a nice big deep drink of that magnificent stuff that it is made of too.  It remembered… preciousness.

I’m not sure of what I did, if anything, to have this shift and lightening in my mood, maybe it was just holding the door open for the possibility? Maybe it is just plain Grace.  Whatever “It” is, I am grateful for the shift and the wisdom to be able to feel into it, feed the blossoming of this goodness in my heart.

Love and gratitude.