People Knowing Love May 25, 2017

on May 25, 2017

Today’s Knowing Love is a hodgepodge of thoughts.

One, the initials of this little offering I’ve started are PKL.  I’ve been abbreviating this a lot over the past few days and today when I looked at it it just made me chuckle.  PKL, when said out loud, sounds like “pickle” and that’s so funny to me, because that’s exactly what it feels like sometimes.  This “pointing” that I’m doing to something that is so indescribable, but totally worth experiencing, and I’m trying to do it with words and experiences LOL, which puts me in a “pickle” because that’s something that is close to impossible to do.  Also, it makes me laugh because well, as humans/people we are just kind of in a “pickle” because to know ourselves as “us”, or individuals, makes it so challenging to know ourselves as that which we really always are and came from.  And yet, it’s society’s current shaping, so basically, as soon as our life in these bodies, as people, begins we are born into a “pickle” of a situation.  And EVEN AFTER THAT realization I’m laughing again because the goal of my offering, People Knowing Love, can’t ever NOT happen because if we know ANYTHING at all we know Love.  We CANNOT NOT KNOW LOVE, as Love is the stuff of EVERY SINGLE THING.  There is not a person, bird, animal, plant, sea creature, rock, or piece of matter that you can know and not know Love because that’s what it is.  BUT the catch is, can we see and experience it as such.  To know “it” as it’s labeled, and we are taught, is convenient for getting along in the world as it is set up (but also requires that others agree with you for it to be actually useful). BUT, to know what is the truest thing, that cannot be changed, and thus know a glimpse of Forever/God/Love requires, for most of us, a different kind of learning, or unlearning, curiosity, diligence, or surrender.  Thus, the PKL of being a P.

Second element of hodgepodge:

Tonight, there is a Tori Amos film being shown tonight at the Memorial Art Gallery.   I believe this deserves honorable mention here because, well Tori is great no? But also because she was one of the influential teachers, pointers, performers (I don’t think I have a good word here) that spoke to something inside of me that was waiting to come out.  She spoke to a part of me that knew things were different than they appeared and she did it just by being her own beautiful expression of Love.  I received this (and would eventually go on to explore more) because I was open to it and she touched a part of me with her offering, her lyrics, her spirit, her love making with her music (and piano 😉 ).  She pointed to another possibility and way of experiencing the life I knew at the time and I was ready to grow with this pointing and experience a different perspective.

I recently, inspired by this event, re-listened to a song of hers that I hadn’t listened to in a long time.  What I heard was the same, every word, yet different than what I heard back as a teen.  I heard this time with older (wiser?) ears and more life experience.  I smiled and felt so grateful for this messenger and sent a silent thank you through the ethers to her.  I wonder if I loved her expression because there was a part of me that knew before I knew how to know what I know now. I wonder what else I don’t yet know how to know, or unknow, that is being pointed to, that I will smile and look back on as I reflect on other messengers at this time in my life.

And finally, today is my little sister, Ava’s birthday.  She is officially turning double digits- the big 1 0.

I find myself wondering who is influential in her life right now and who will be as a teen and young adult.  I’m wondering who her “messengers” will be.  Who will touch something inside of her that she does not yet know is there.  Who will resonate with the budding truth of herself enough for her to be curious and follow the bread crumb?

So, here it is, today’s hodgepodge of People Knowing Love, a tribute to the PKL of being human, messengers and calls in all their forms, and to Ava and what will come for her and all of our young ones.