People Knowing Love May 11, 2017

on May 11, 2017

Ok, let’s use tonight’s time to talk about the fact that YOU ARE A MIRACLE.  

Regardless of who you are or what you are doing, feeling, saying, or not saying, the fact that “you” exist as “you”  in this very moment is nothing short of a freaking miracle.  Do you hear me?


According to Dina Spector of Business Insider, “The probability of you existing at all comes out to 1 in 102,685,000  — yes, that’s a 10 followed by 2,685,000 zeroes!”

This is only one figure (there are several other similar figures using different specific formulas), but what is clear is the fact that you, being born as you, is a pretty significant feat.

Using this particular statistic that means that there is only a 1 in 102,685,000  chance that the universe aligned in just such a way that you could exist.  

The odds that the cells would align perfectly, that the pregnancy would come to be, and that you would survive to the point of birth, or that the situation that led to the circumstance where your parents could come together, that your parents own miracle aligned so that they could be born, that there parents were born (this obviously keeps going further back beyond comprehension), are INCREDIBLE.

If one single cell, one single moment was different you, as you, would not be.

So much had to align for you to be here as you.

All of Existence/Love/God/Life aligned itself in just such a way that it could know this unique expression of you.  (Or You, depending on what level of existence we are actually talking about, but that’s for another extended discussion.)

Just feel this for a minute.

Pause.  Let this sink in.  Right now.  

Don’t go anywhere else with your thoughts.  Don’t shift your attention to anything else, just feel into this for even 1 minute before reading on.



Ok, did you do it?  Did you get a sense?  Yes?  Good.  Here’s a little more:

So as I said, you are a friggin Miracle! Just you being born is a miracle.  So if you did nothing else, ever, you’ve already experienced something incredible. But for many of you, this miracle has continued!

Your cells have continued to multiply.

Your organs have continued to function in the way that they have, for some of us, despite major obstacles to this happening.

Your heart continues to beat.

Your breath moves in and out moment to moment on and on.

“You” keep going.  Do you know how much has to actually come together internally to make that happen?!  There is a universe inside of you orchestrating this divine symphony that is your body in active exchange with the world.

Take another minute to notice and feel this.  All that is coming together right now so that you can experience this life, through these particular senses in this particular way.

Can you find gratitude here?

Can you know yourself in this way?

At the very least can you feel the awe and wonder of Love made manifest? Can you feel your connection to This?

Believe it or not, You, the truth of You is even more than this, but today, just for today, let’s notice This as this, the miracle of your self in this moment, right now.

Breathe this in, really breathe it in.  See if you can draw the experience of this incredible feat of your existence into your awareness.  Use the tool of your mind to know this, draw it into the cells of your being and hold it for even 5 seconds, longer if it takes you.

Let your whole being embrace This.

There is so much that we normalize, so much we take for granted, especially in first world countries…electricity, phones, cell phones, videos, computers, grocery stores, vehicles.  The list is endless.

So let’s try something else instead tonight.  Let’s NOT normalize the miracle of our lives.

Tonight, some time before sleep, I challenge you to pause.  Sit with what I am pointing to.  Get a sense of this, even the smallest glimpse.

Notice the miracle of “you” coming to be.

Notice that there is life in you.

Notice that you are being breathed by something.
Notice that your heart is beating.  There is some force or call of yes in you that overcame miraculous odds to manifest as you. Notice hat that same force continues through you on more levels than you can imagine simultaneously.
Life is happening in and for you, and YOU, this moment.

Tonight, know the Love that is you.

Every moment.

There is never a time when you are not a miracle.