People Knowing Love April 27th

on Apr 27, 2017

Tonight’s People Knowing Love is in honor of my sweet childhood friend Jeffrey Moore.

Jeff was my buddy.  He had Cystic Fibrosis.  He was very special to me.  He knew how to do FUN, had a totally contagious laugh that I can still hear today 25 years later, and a smile that worked it’s way deep into my heart and never left.  Yesterday would have been his 38th birthday.

So, tonight’s invitation,  and way into knowing Love is inspired by and in honor of Jeff.

To do tonight:

Something fun!

Find something that is fun for you to do and then go do it.  Even if it’s just for five minutes out of your day, really do it.  If you have something that you want to do, but can’t actually do it tonight or immediately then take ten minutes instead to visualize it.  Really feel into it.  Yes, I mean imagine it.  Picture every detail as clearly as you can (and maybe make a plan for when you will actually DO this soon) and soak it in.  Let yourself experience whatever it is as fully as you can mentally.

Whether you are imagining, or actually doing something, for heaven sakes,




This is it.  This is your life.  Right now.  This moment.


Find some fun.  Make something that might not otherwise be, fun.

Your “fun” can look like anything you want it to.

It can be something super simple like, playing with your cat, or dancing to your favorite song, or even finger bopping to your favorite song.  It could be watching bees buzz flowers, or taking a walk and really engaging with the people and environment around you.  It could mean being silly with your partner or roommate or calling a friend and being silly.  It could mean making a silly video.  It could mean looking out the hospital room window and making up funny stories about the people walking in (I am cracking up thinking of this as it was a very specific trick that Jeff taught me). It could be coloring even if you get a little funky and creative with the crayons, pencils, or markers.  It could be talking in a silly voice to your dog, or playing a game. Whatever it is just please, for the love of God, FIND THE FUN in something and soak that baby in tonight.

And then, if you can, LAUGH.  If you need inspiration, watch this, or this.


Ready? Set? GO!

You’ve got this.  Find it.  Even just five minutes.

When you are done with your allotted “fun” for the evening, actual or imagined, then lay flat on the ground or sit and notice how your body feels for another five minutes.  Notice what’s different.  AND APPRECIATE YOUR ABILITY TO HAVE DONE WHATEVER IT IS THAT GAVE YOU A SMILE OR A CHUCKLE.  We only have so long with these amusing human forms and opportunities.  Enjoy.

Let me know how you did!