Pause, reflect, receive….booster jots

on Nov 2, 2017

The Booster Jots concept is about recognizing that we have a choice, taking the time to pause and feel into what we need, and opening ourselves up to receive accordingly.

What’s within is so much more powerful than anything that you can acquire from this material world.

So let’s experiment.
Let’s try adding a pauses into our lives, even if that pause is only for 5 seconds before we move on with our routines. (In the case of booster jots, this is practiced by pausing before doing a treatment or taking a medication, but in the rest of life it could be before doing anything- before eating, responding on Facebook, doing your homework, entering a business meeting, greeting your family…)
Let’s see what happens if we drop all thoughts and “have to’s”, for even a few moments, to direct our attention inside.
Let’s see what shows up.
Let’s see what we need, or want is from This place.
Then, let’s take our next steps accordingly.

In the end, This is all we really have anyway, so why not pause to notice along the way, maybe even get out of the way and let that lead sometimes?

I offer this pointing, through the Booster Jots concept , when I talk to Child Life programs, at hospitals because I believe we need to teach children who are going through medical treatments how to do this.

But the truth is, I think we need to teach ALL children how to do this.
Not just kids who are “sick”.
We need to teach healthy kids, happy kids, sad kids, mad kids, kids who have bodies or minds that are compromised, which is all of us at some point.
We need to teach kids how to tap into what’s inside themselves.
It matters and it’s POWERFUL.

The best way to do this is leading by example, and then encouraging it via possibility, creativity, and play.

In order to do this well, we need to teach ourselves as adults how to, and the value of the, pause.
We need to do this as adults who hold and support these kids, but also just because it is an incredible opportunity to know and support ourselves.

Give it a shot, start incorporating some pauses into your day.
Lead with this, and then by example.
Pause, notice, receive, play, create, repeat….