Fly baby fly…

on Oct 27, 2017

Today, I am looking into my own beautiful, yet ready to drop leaves. What are those habits, have to’s, patterns, relationships, and things that have had their time of beauty in my life that are now ready to fall? It’s time to let the winds of change come, blow through this tree of me. What I have been, and am today, has it’s own beauty, but if I use my energy to hang on to the image of now, what it takes to “hold” this very full tree of “my life” together, I won’t ever be free enough to fully realize the blossoming of the coming spring. I am seeing some of my tendencies and patterns, what I do to protect myself or be in harmony with others. I am seeing… and now… I just need to be brave enough to dare let go. My prayer to Autumn Love: May the amazing blaze of color of this incredible season serve as my reminder to see my own colors that are just about ready to fly in the...


on Oct 21, 2017

Sometimes I will have a dream and it’s message calls to me to pay more attention to what it’s pointing to in the rest of life. Last night/this morning was one of those messages… I witnessed kindness from my partner that transformed another man in my dream last night. There was a lot more to it, but in the dream’s last few moments I was crying, deeply moved by what I had witnessed. A woman walking by stopped and said, “Why are you crying?”. Her question was both hers and mine and I think that of other female figures in my life. As I was shifting back from this, into the waking world, I heard myself say, “I’m not.” “My Heart is thawing and it’s coming out my eyes.” 

Grace windows

on Oct 17, 2017

I am the one who feels the ocean inside.  I am freedom waiting to emerge as it’s true and beautiful Self.  I am the one who is ROOT FIRE alive, soft, gentle, and bold…opening…opening…   I leak out through your Grace windows, your moments of freedom and bliss.     I am the one emerging from the undefined.  Spirit always alive.  I am here.  Let yourself come meet me.  Notice.  Enter the door to the temple and flow through… to you… and plant love, LOVE. from Here.   

August 11th, 2017 Instructions From Love.

on Sep 27, 2017

Go go go go go… Further back. Further back beyond, before. Know This. Here there is no fever, no pain. Here there is only Awareness, aware of all the manifestations of itself. Just aware. Find This. Stay. Put your attention here for a bit. It’s ok if the world around falls apart. It’s ok. It’s ok. Don’t worry. You don’t have to hold it together. You see my love, it was never as real as what I am showing you now anyways. Love, LOVE.  

An evening in the hospital…

on Sep 1, 2017

Aug 31, 2017 St Joseph hospital room 5310 This is my favorite time of year at home- late summer. The cicada’s and summer crickets and hostas with their little fairy bells with bees buzzing in and out… The refrigerator in here makes noises that sound like crickets. So I bring my pole over to the window, climb up onto the seat, rest my head against the glass, look out into the Denver lights, and let myself hear crickets.       Did I say Denver?  Am in in the hospital in Denver right now?  So weird.  What a ride.  I had this feeling, like maybe I wasn’t going to come back home when I left my house to head to the airport…maybe I was just feeling the delay, the long stretch that would come before I would come back through our kitchen door again.  It won’t be too much longer now.  I do miss my babies. There is a lot of healing happening here....

Sinus Health Post 2 – Diet!

on Aug 30, 2017

I had hoped to get this out sooner, but had some other health complications that needed my attention.   BUT…… now, without further ado, Sinus Health Post 2- The big D!  Diet: Changing my diet choices has been one of the most influential and powerful self care tools I have, in a huge way for my sinuses, but also for my whole body.  Now, before going any further I need to emphasize that these are diet changes that were helpful for me.  These offerings are just possibilities for you to explore and it’s important to understand that although there are certain foods that have tendencies to do certain things in a body, every body is unique. This said, my biggest recommendation is to learn what works best for you and know that sometimes, based on meds or body changes or whatever else you put into it, this can change. It’s worth taking the time to do a food journal...

Hearts Hearts Hearts Everywhere!

on Aug 28, 2017

So there’s this sweet little phenomenon that’s been happening for me.  I don’t know when it started exactly, or why I noticed and then started pointing to it.  But I did, and I’m glad.  And now the noticing is spreading like wild fire through the findings of friends and family all over. It’s well, wonderful I would say.  I’m actually considering starting my own little hearts in the world Instagram feed :)! The thing is, it’s about a lot more than just finding heart shaped things out in the world. It’s about waking ourselves up enough to notice signs of love in every day, everywhere, no matter the circumstance.  I’ve found hearts in oil stains, rain clouds, spit out old gum, puddles, flowers, leaves, food, the space between two things… they’re everywhere! For me, when I see a heart, I remember that love is here. ...

Rise Baby Rise

on Aug 3, 2017

Aug 2, 2017 I did not want to get on my bike this morning. And… About half way through the ride I get the gift. Perspective.  I am so damn lucky to be able to be doing this right now. I make it through the morning heavy and I begin to feel, to know, the pleasure in the push against the pedals. I am not fast, but I meet my own fierce. There are places on the trail where the roots of the trees have pushed up the pavement, making waves in what is not meant to move.  Some of these black top waves are so big that hitting them in just the right place could literally through you from your bike. I dodge, jump, and weave through these trees’ testaments to life, acknowledging their awesomeness. Rise baby rise! I feel my own “pavement” pushing back. Chills come as I meet todays limits and find my appreciation for all that has allowed me to come this far.  I feel some guilt too honestly, thinking...