Morning Sunshine

on Mar 28, 2021

There’s nothing quite like morning sunshine.

We’ve reached the time of year here in our apartment when the sunshine reflects off of the windows of the building across the way.
It reflects and directs this amazing life giving light so brilliantly right into our dinning room windows.


I could not help but come to a complete stop on the way to the kitchen this morning to just soak it in.  I let myself take a deeeeeeep drink.
I positioned myself to let this gift of life hit me right in the forehead, completely bathing every exposed part of my body in it’s brilliance.
I could feel all my cells drinking it in with a big YES and THANK YOU and GOOD MORNING and THANK YOU again.

There is NOTHING like morning sun, even just reflected off of another neighbor’s window, to start a day.  Mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm.

Photo by Erick Todd