Mission Accompllished.

on Apr 28, 2017

So, by the time I had finished what needed tending to yesterday,  I was friggin TIRED. Boo.

BUT, I made a commitment to my People Knowing Love project.  I made the commitment to make even the smallest window for FUN.

SO, Rick agreed to go along with my shenanigans (perhaps because I suggested Hedonist chocolates be involved) and we were off!

First, I had been wanting to get a little gift for my mechanics who helped me out in a pinch, so I decided tonight was the night to finally get it done, but we would make a fun adventure out of it.  So, we got ourselves to our favorite local chocolate and ice cream shop, Hedonist, and picked up some delicious toffee almond bark for the guys at DnB Auto Repait (who are AWESOME). We also, of course, in the name of fun, got one piece of chocolate each for ourselves with our purchase. Someone, who’s name starts with R and ends with K might have insisted that we also get ourselves our first ice cream of the season.  Sorbet for me of course- mango tequila I think was the flavor adventure I tried.  Rick was even adventurous and veered from his favorite, salted caramel, to a double chocolate something or other.  Then we did a James Bond mission impossible to get the bark we bought for the mechanic down and through the key drop slot with a thank you note attached by medical tape.  Totally fun! Check.

AND THEN,  we had our mini dance party! Here’s a little glimpse. And another.  And one more.  (Coughing clips edited out.  Wouldn’t it be fun to edit those out of non video life too?!)

Nothing like a mini dance party to lift this body/mind up!  Why isn’t this part of our nightly rituals again?!

So, I was “too tired”, and it certainly felt like I had too much to do to make the time.

BUT, I made a commitment to at least try.  It wasn’t a big crazy thing or things, but it was something, and it brought a little lightness into our lives here at the Tolberty home.  You can’t see her, but even Jaz-a-saurus came out to see what the hubbub was about towards the end of the second song.

It was worth it :).

Now lets hear about your “fun” challenges please and thank you.