MAC is back…

on Mar 19, 2017

Ok, here’s the deal:
I got some tough news a number of weeks ago about MAC potentially being in my life again. I made some choices around that including not putting my energy into that being true because, well, because I felt there was good reason not to. I made the choice to pour myself into the miraculous possibilities of my body and world instead.
Since then there have been a few sobering convos and meetings with my docs. More tests, some still on going, and more to come.

Unfortunately, I found out Thursday, there is further confirmation that the results were not a fluke (which I and my whole team were thinking and rooting for). There are some proposed approaches that are frankly pretty hard to stomach right now. There are many unanswered questions. I am doing my best to address those, explore many different angles, and keep my focus on what works and what is possible.

The current plan is to get me in for some hospital time and IV tune-up to address the rest of the CF lung loving bugs, get me as good as can be there and then re-evaluate. I am optimistic about this IV round because I have been working my way through a new experiment. I am entering week 10 of a 12 week biofilm protocol so the odds of us really being able to get in there and CLEAN UP like never before are GOOD.
This, however, means that I will be out of commission for bodywork for others for at least 2-3 more weeks. I would like to do my best to keep my Thursday offerings going, but some may be via FB live from the hospital…not sure. I will update once we get closer. There is also a sounding/yoga class exploration with Julie Finer on April 8 that I plan on still being able to do (look for FB event and email soon).
I’m not sure yet about anything beyond the above. I have some re-evaluating to do, some decisions about where to put my energy.

I’m ok. Emotionally a bit all over, last few days pretty down, but I am also strong underneath all of that. I am in a different place spiritually and mentally than I was for the last two entrances of this bug.
I’m NOT looking forward to this up coming hospital time…and I will be fine.

I love cards and notes of goodness and love. They go a long way and mean so much and add to my all important room decor ?. (I especially love drawings from little people.)
So if you feel inspired fire away . Also good vibes very welcome. Most of all please just picture me doing amazing and shining and finding my way to the most healthy and joyous life and being able to offer my goodness to others.
Love and gratitude