Love and honoring in action, a little clip from St Joe’s this past January

on Mar 2, 2019

Hi guys,

So as I said in my last note out to you all, there really was so much that I could, but have not shared yet, from this past hospital stay.  So many opportunities to really sink deeper into Self and Love.  There were some scary times, some beautiful times, some hard times, and also some times of release and ease.  They are all just moments really.

So here’s one of them:

This little clip actually came from a video message that I was sending to a friend.  It was towards the end of my stay, so although you’ll still see me hooked up to my friend IV (I didn’t name the pole this time, but he was formerly known as Tubey McTubeface), I was doing much better at this point.  I think it was about two days before I went home.
I wanted to share because I feel like it’s a sweet little testament to the beauty that can unfold when we see, honor, and hear each other.

In Joy!