Listening, Loving, Honoring

on Apr 18, 2021

I’ve been doing some healing work.

In one of my “sessions” in the tub the other day I asked myself the question, “What am I planting now?”.

Here’s what came:
Relationship with my womb… for me.

One of listening, communion, safety, trust.
I’m building trust now by even taking the time to do this.
Making the time for a bath when I need a break, instead of pushing through and getting out to get groceries.
I’m building trust and faith that when I take the time to listen, what needs to will get done.

I’m also intentionally connecting my heart to my womb.
They have operated, or not operated, separately for some time.
I am cultivating safety and pleasure and strength in my system.

I am listening, loving, honoring.

Suddenly, with this acknowledgement I see pink petals appear and begin to wrap around my womb.  I see green, bright green, moving through and around my insides.
Tulip petals, stems, and leaves.
Thank you.

I feel honey golden nectar pouring from my crown down into my womb, feeding the green and pink and the red underneath.
My womb begins to open out into a flower.
A pregnant kiss is offered into space.

Now I feel space…holding surrounding and accepting.
I feel it’s vastness, wide open, receiving all of me… just receiving, witnessing.
Gentle receiving and knowing.
Space is also teaching me about receiving and knowing.
This is ultimate yin in it’s potency.

“You are Love.”
“Don’t forget.”

A call to remembering.
Intentional opening with Love.

“Nothing can hurt you.  What you are is clean.”

Then, a meditation came.
I will attach an audio file for any of you who this also might help or support.

With Love, Kori


Golden honey healing light crown, heart, womb pour <3: