Kori speaks at Counsyl about what life is like with CF

on Apr 1, 2016

Hi All,

The genetic counseling company, Counsyl, invited me to come speak about Cystic Fibrosis at their annual conference in March.

Unfortunately, because of some body challenges, I could not make the cross country trip.
So…we figured out a solution to bring me there via Skype.
Below is the link to the recorded talk that UCO media put together.  They added in a soundtrack that I’m not quite sure how I feel about yet LOL.  But this edited version is what I’m allowed to share.  It is minus the intro, which was the showing of the film “Three Lives” by UCO media (see previous post to see the film) and minus the question and answer section in order to respect the privacy of those asking the questions.
The part you can see in the video is basically, what those in the audience saw during the talk portion.
But for the full effect picture this in a dark room on two very large screens!
Parts are a little funny because I’m also being spoken to, by my tech helper during some of the blank spaces, but you can’t hear that on this recording. So if you’re wondering what I’m nodding at or saying ok to that’s it LOL. I’m not just having conversations with the voices in my head.
This recording has some of the applause added in towards the end, but not all of it, or the points of laughter during the talk so those are other places where there might seem to be a strange pause.
So here it is, my first shot at attempting giving a glimpse of what a life with CF might look like.
Love and gratitude,