Joy Sips, Opening Up My Heart and My Life

on Jun 13, 2021

I’ve been working on figuring out how to have more joy in my life, maybe more importantly to recognize and drink in the moments of joy that are already there.

I’ve re-started intentionally noticing what I love, what brings me pleasure, or puts a smile on my lips and in my heart.

Joy is an important ingredient in the life I want to live, an important ingredient in filling up my cup a bit better, so that I can bring more of the fullness of myself to those around me.

Opening to joy can be a tricky thing for me sometimes, especially when others are hurting, or when it feels like I’m buried under things I’m “needing” to get done.

Sometimes, I get myself bound up so tight from stress that I forget to do anything, but push through.

I’m realizing though, that joy is really important.

My being opens with joy.
I breathe easier after having even a small dose of joy.

It’s important to be intentional about noticing joy.
Otherwise, we can miss it, especially the smaller moments.
Once we notice, it’s important to let ourselves really receive the joy or pleasure or goodness of the moment, let it have it’s time to open up a joy pathway in our brain and being.

This intentional opening and noticing is a way to realize more ease and pleasure in our lives.
There are so many little (big) opportunities that can lend themselves to a more overall joyful life.

Taking in the everyday “smaller” moments keeps us more available, it softens the density of our systems so that we are more easily touched by, more easily breathed through by joy.

Here’s a few of my every day joy moments:
(One, because it gives me pleasure to name them :), two as a possible source of inspiration for you to notice your own.)

Jazzy (kitty) purrs, or watching her sleep all curled up, licking her lips after a good meal, or unapologetically stealing her sister’s bed .

Nuzzling my face into (my dog) Bahni’s neck, kissing her head, or anywhere really, smelling her feet and telling her she smells like love, singing to her and welcoming her to a new day of her life in the mornings.
While I’m on the Bahnster, I have to name the joy moments of watching her roll with absolute delight in the grass at the park.  She is so happy and free. When I take the time to be with her in this, so am I :)!

Moments when I pause to actually feel the breeze as it passes over my skin.

Looking up at the sky.

Stopping to smell the neighbor’s rose bush, see the poppies or iris’s, or whatever other plant life delight that I might pass as I’m walking through the city.  One day, I will leave a note for these neighbors that create these beautiful little spaces of life, thanking them for doing so.
That also will bring joy to my heart.

Appreciating whatever amazingly yummy food comes into my being.

Appreciating a drink of water in my mouth, cooling and wetting my throat.

Appreciating and honoring nature, in all it’s forms.

Taking my shoes off and feeling earth under my bare feet.

Hugging Rick and really let myself stop and actually feel his embrace.

All of these little moments, they add up. They change me.
They change my day and my life, they open me one by one, making it a little more impossible for the density to take hold.

So here’s to joy sips, the drinking in and the receiving.