I think it matters.

on May 7, 2021

I think it matters that we get outside, look up and know the vastness of sky.

I think it matters that we notice when the air kisses our skin, or the wind blows through our hair.

I think it matters that we take the time to acknowledge the ground beneath our feet, notice the steady holding that is there all the time.

I think it matters that we bring our toes and hands and bodies to the rivers and lakes and oceans.

I think it matters that we stop and feel the rays of the sun that penetrate our skin and warm our bodies.

The time that it takes to step away from “what needs to get done”, so that we can have ourSelf reflected back by Nature matters.

All we need to do is dare to let ourselves have some conscious time outside to re-member.
Remember our spaciousness, our wildness, our belonging, our own internal swirls, waves, pulse, and swish, our miraculous illumination of being.

I think this matters.
Not just for our own individual lives, to feel more connected and alive and whole, but for the Whole.

As one of us remembers, even in some small way, we all do.
Nature gets to smile back and know herSelf.

I think it matters.