Hearts Hearts Hearts Everywhere!

on Aug 28, 2017

So there’s this sweet little phenomenon that’s been happening for me.  I don’t know when it started exactly, or why I noticed and then started pointing to it.  But I did, and I’m glad.  And now the noticing is spreading like wild fire through the findings of friends and family all over. It’s well, wonderful I would say.  I’m actually considering starting my own little hearts in the world Instagram feed :)!

The thing is, it’s about a lot more than just finding heart shaped things out in the world. It’s about waking ourselves up enough to notice signs of love in every day, everywhere, no matter the circumstance. 

I’ve found hearts in oil stains, rain clouds, spit out old gum, puddles, flowers, leaves, food, the space between two things… they’re everywhere!

For me, when I see a heart, I remember that love is here. 

It’s not like I feel love because of the heart, but more like it’s a little reminder symbol… a little whisper that gets my attention and says, “Remember”. “This is love calling and I am here. “

I love that these little (and not so little) guys pop up unexpectedly. It’s not that I actually even set out to LOOK for them. I just go about my life, but I NOTICE when a heart is there. That’s the real treasure. Just the noticing what’s already here for all of us. 

Sometimes noticing a heart gives me such delight.  Other times it’s a softer, more subtle mini break for an inner smile when I find a heart.  Oh, and when someone else finds their own heart and takes the time to share it with me, well that just tickles me to no end.  It’s like there’s a little love ray that opens up in the world and shines so that we can share it :).   

It’s a pretty cool thing- the noticing.  You could pick any shape that is a reminder or points to something special for you and then just choose to notice. If hearts don’t work for you you could find something that does- circles, a cross, spirals, butterfly wings, octagons, triangles, stars, whatever. The magic happens when we can develop the skill of noticing, or opening ourselves up to noticing.  Noticing allows for these little unexpected windows that will interrupt the mundane. These windows will change your life. 

So… back to hearts, the sweet unexpected little love notes from the unfolding world.  If we choose to see it we can notice that love, Love, LOVE is here all the time.  What a beautiful opportunity to open up our eyes together.