Grace Opening (Jan 15, 2018)

on Feb 13, 2018


There’s an unsettledness in my heart.

A lump in my throat…so deep.

It’s pit and roots take hold in the top of my chest.

These sensations show themselves as I check in this morning with this body, this part of the whole that resides inside.

Given the chance to be known and witnessed these sensations are heightened. I almost can’t stand it. They get bigger and bigger and things tighten and I think I might not be able to stay with them.

Then…as I keep breathing…keep staying in the places that I can…

being present both to the pain and the light that swirls through it and around it.

Find the edges…the opportunities for freer breath within and without.

Find where the edges soften and lightness of being meets the hard.





Feel the breath beginning to come through.

As the ease starts to penetrate the knots I let that grow.

I invite the breath through the windows of possibility that are showing themselves through our meeting.

I let my breath, “my” breath, infused with Grace, work its magic

And we are transformed.

The pain gives way to openness.

The ropes and walls give way to freedom.

Breath begins to move with more ease through this body.

Waves of tightness come back, but as they do, I stay, not running away.

I do this because I know that the truth and freedom lie within the meeting.

Steadfast, knowing that as I meet them with intention they can be transformed.

One piece at a time.

Ease and openness reveal themselves through the engagement.

It is in this place that I am free.

It is all God.

I just need to stay long enough to know This.