Fly baby fly…

on Oct 27, 2017

Today, I am looking into my own beautiful, yet ready to drop leaves.

What are those habits, have to’s, patterns, relationships, and things that have had their time of beauty in my life that are now ready to fall?
It’s time to let the winds of change come, blow through this tree of me.

What I have been, and am today, has it’s own beauty, but if I use my energy to hang on to the image of now, what it takes to “hold” this very full tree of “my life” together, I won’t ever be free enough to fully realize the blossoming of the coming spring.

I am seeing some of my tendencies and patterns, what I do to protect myself or be in harmony with others.
I am seeing… and now… I just need to be brave enough to dare let go.

My prayer to Autumn Love:
May the amazing blaze of color of this incredible season serve as my reminder to see my own colors that are just about ready to fly in the wind! 

In love and appreciation. Amen. ??