Continuum… Fluid Life…Freedom drops.

on Dec 15, 2018

I dove for the first time today since my last lung bleed. 

Staying the course.
Staying the course.   

Finally, I begin to open to what so naturally and effortlessly comes through once I just get past the damned patterning. 

Stay the course. 
Stay the course. 

Life is here. 
All you need to do is open the door for it to emerge. 

Sound sound sound sound. 

I am rewarded. 
I feel a stirring in my toes.
Lotus’s bloom out of the arches of my feet…my hands… my heart space. 

The noticing in the toes. 
Yes. Go back. Let the ripple open up. 
In the noticing the whole body is now opening the windows for the ride. 
Filling, filling, awakening to it’s birthright. 

Theta’s open to cave wind…third eye comes alive… a window… a vortex…an awakening… a wave. 

Fresh water. 
No chlorine needed here. 

Chest opening, arms.

Remembering the fluidity moving through, 
Opening to, 
Fluid Life. 

Thank you. 
Freedom drops.