Choosing to Live a Life of Bravery and Integrity- Construct Your Life Interview

on Feb 13, 2021

Hello Everyone!

For this week’s blog I’m doing something a little different.  I’m sharing a link to the podcast, Construct Your Life with Austin Linney.  Austin had me on as his guest on January 19th and the podcast was recently released on his different platforms.

I shared a bit about my life, a slice really out of all I could have shared, but it was a decent chunk.  I talked about some important choice points in my own life, but also just the importance of knowing and finding our choice points in general.  We talked about the importance of knowing ourselves, being brave enough to find out what’s important and true for each one of us and moving from there.

So…  without further ado, here it is.  I hope that you all might enjoy watching or taking a listen on your favorite podcast player.

With love, honesty, vulnerability, and a whole bunch else,