on Feb 24, 2017

I have a choice right now.

I can think about the stuff that scares me and I don’t want, or I can find, and focus on, an opening to Life in what I do want and know is possible.

This is a discipline that I am growing into.
As I step out with a slightly hesitant shake in my step, I am seeing my tendency to meet and figure out the hard. The grooved tracks in my responses are calling out and coaxing me: “Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t want to use us?” “We are here and ready to go.” “We know this walk.”

I hear and feel the familiar, but this time I turn my face towards the sun and choose a different path. I have tears of gratitude as even the very moment I choose I open, open, open to a brighter more beautiful light than I have yet known. Freedom.

The Thank You comes with my inhale and goodness shines on my exhale.

Reaching and living into goodness…the Sun shines.