One more piece with Counsyl, the interview…

on May 1, 2016

Hey All, So Counsyl decided they weren’t quite done with me after our time together in March and asked me about the possibility of doing an interview for their blog which would be launched in May.  Why May you ask? Because May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month of course! I said yes. Here’s he link and more of my two cents… Bringing Cystic Fibrosis to Life: A Conversation with Kori Tolbert

Kori speaks at Counsyl about what life is like with CF

on Apr 1, 2016

Hi All, The genetic counseling company, Counsyl, invited me to come speak about Cystic Fibrosis at their annual conference in March. Unfortunately, because of some body challenges, I could not make the cross country trip. So…we figured out a solution to bring me there via Skype. Below is the link to the recorded talk that UCO media put together.  They added in a soundtrack that I’m not quite sure how I feel about yet LOL.  But this edited version is what I’m allowed to share.  It is minus the intro, which was the showing of the film “Three Lives” by UCO media (see previous post to see the film) and minus the question and answer section in order to respect the privacy of those asking the questions. The part you can see in the video is basically, what those in the audience saw during the talk portion. But for the full effect picture this in a dark room on...

Three Lives

on Dec 26, 2015

For those that have been asking when they could see it, here is the link to the short film that debuted at last Saturday’s Just Breathe CF Christmas Ball. It honestly feels a little funny to me, a little vulnerable, to be putting this out there in this way, but I believe the beauty in the message and its presentation has more potential for goodness than remaining inside my personal safety zone. The team at UCO Media has reason to be proud of this offering. They did an awesome job. Please consider watching, liking, and sharing so that our collective efforts can reach many. With love and gratitude. Always, K [stag_video src=”″]      

Who is this Kori chick anyway?

on Dec 10, 2015

Well hello there Readers! I’m not quite sure yet if there will be one of you (I hope there’s at least one of you), or two, or ten, or ten thousand, but for those of you who have interest, the following is today’s snap shot of “me”. I feel like it’s only fair to share a bit about myself before getting the rest of what spills out up and running ;). In the name of transparency, I guess I also have to admit that I feel a little, well, funny about blogging at all in the first place. I feel like it’s saying, without directly saying, that what I have to say is worth the time and energy that I put in to put it out there, but also that you invest in reading it. What feels more true for me, and why I have at long last decided to go ahead with this site, is that I do have a perspective to share. It’s most certainly not for everyone and not everyone...