…Catching up…

on Dec 28, 2016

A lot has been happening since I opened this blog. A lot.

I have been writing as I felt I could, but not here.

I think I’ve had some idea that I needed to find a way to put things on here sequentially or fill in some of the gaps in a way that readers could understand some idea of what’s been going on before I could move forward with adding entries in as I was called to them.

Today, I have instead decided that I will just share with you from a place of where I am in the moments when I can make it to this keyboard and computer screen and trust that that is enough.  I will fill in the blanks as they feel relevant, but without that pressure coming before, and thus stopping, what I have to share now.

So, here goes.

Me to you, you to me, us to all, we unfold.