on Mar 28, 2017

A breath is never taken alone or independent from the rest.

Each is part of an endless stream of in and out connecting you, in each moment, each cycle, with the Infinite.

Giving, receiving, knowing…

This continuous stream of Love, propelling us from birth to death, weaves through our lives creating its own rhythm.
Sometimes speeding up or slowing down or at points barely pushing itself through. Even if the breath coming in only happens with external manual assistance, if it is with your body, then that body is connected. It is connected intimately with All of Life, inside the deepest cell of your body, and out to the farthest corner of existence.
From our first inhale to our last exhale… One.

You are never alone. You have a steady companion, maybe you are the steady companion, dancing through this exchange of Existence.

Breath is Love experienced.