Being With Breath

on Jan 16, 2021

Hello dear readers, whoever you are.  This week, I thought I would share with you a little excerpt from the Emergent Breath Continuum Series that I taught this past October….

Robert Litman, Continuum Teacher and Buteyko Practitioner says about breath-
“Breath is to me, for me, about me.”
My interpretation, experience, and translation of this is as follows:

Breath is to me.  Breath comes to me from the abundance of air all around me, right under my nose for me to inhale, take in.  It’s right here.  I do not have to reach or strive for it. Even if at times it is only small sips, it is here and comes to me.  

Breath is for me. Breath is my being’s choice to live.  As I take it in, receiving what I need and releasing what I do not, breath is happening for me, so that I can live. It is part of my body’s “yes” to life. 

Breath is about me.  Breath and the expression of it is part of my imprint out into the space of the world. The pattern of my breath as it draws in and releases out is part of my fragrance or imprint offered out by my being.


We are being with, shaping, expressing the breath in every moment.

Consciously or unconsciously, this expression lands out into the world and this meets those that we share space and interact with. It matters in the world we share.

 So why not take some moments for conscious engagement?

Taking time to notice our breath can tell us something.
Breath can be a messenger of our state, it can give signals as to whether we are peaceful, worked up, excited, afraid, sad, happy, angry, or anything in between. It can tell us something of ourselves. 

When we notice the ways we communicate, shape, and offer through breath we become more informed about our needs as well as our impact into the space we share.

We can develop INTIMACY with our breath (In to me see- my needs, my impact…).
We can be with breath as lover, as teacher, and thus with ourselves and the world as lover, as teacher.  

By simply noticing the receiving and expression of our breath, we can begin to be more informed about our state and our impact on the world we share, and beings around us.

Breath can also perpetuate or accentuate our state, and is one way we can co-regulate.
Once we take the time to notice what’s happening with our breath, we then become conscious in places we may have been unconscious before.  In so doing, we then have choice, a path somewhere else by inviting a different experience with our breath.

Imagine what the world might look like if we all took a little time each day to ask, “What is my breath saying, needing, wanting, offering through it’s presence?”
I, for one, think it’s a question worth asking. 

Breathe the change you want to see in the world ;).