Being With Autumn

on Nov 28, 2020

This Autumn I have gotten to see the brilliance of my own leaves, the blazing reds, oranges, and yellows within my own soul. 

I have also come into awareness of where it’s time to let go.
Let go of what I had been putting so much energy into maintaining.
I’m waking up, or maybe more truthfully, I’ve known, but am finally admitting to myself and acknowledging the toll of those places where I try so hard, but that give little back. 

It’s time.
It’s time to let go.
It’s time to let go of what no longer serves so that I can go deeper without so many efforts pulling me from focusing my energy within.
Instead, just be quiet, cultivate the places that could lead to the fruits of the next spring of my life.

Release release release release release… be brave enough to let go, be brave enough to be naked in the truth of myself.

Then see what happens in the coming dormancy of my life’s winter, the dormancy of those relationships… just wait,  and see what might emerge in our spring.
Then, I will actually have energy to nurture my life’s sprouts.
What needed to die, go back to the earth, will.

First, I must be brave enough to let go.

We will have 1,000 deaths in a lifetime before our actual leaving of the body death.

When that time comes, the person will dissolve, but the process of flowing life continues- whether physically or energetically.

So in this lifetime, if I can loosen my identification and the clinging to the personhood or the idea of what I, those I care about, and even those I don’t really, think I should be, I can more easily feel into the process of flowing life, flowering, the offering of what I am truly.

The imprint of life remains after the many facets of letting go.

Each time I practice, opening to the new moments of what is and what is emerging, I get closer to the beauty of now and make room for the unbridled nature of what could be.