on Jun 25, 2019

Finding balance in a way that honors my desire to have a big giant “yes” to this life, and still honors what’s possible for this body can be tricky.

Here’s a little slice of how I navigate the tightrope.

Sometimes I fall off on either side, especially while I am navigating extra treatments and stresses and, gulp, travel.
BUT the expression of the beauty of the life that emerges is worth the risk and discernment (that’s the word I was looking for in the video haha).

Sometimes what I might be able to say yes to one day is different than what I can say yes to the next, but peace for me means learning to be ok with that.

Fighting the body and it’s limitations don’t end up serving me.

Fighting the heart and it’s desires don’t serve the me I can be either.

So finding that balance, some softness, and trusting in the unfolding Grace I think is where it’s at ;).