Friends and Love

on Jul 23, 2021

Listening to Mandolin Orange this morning… after Bad Religion and the Dog Town soundtrack (quite a mix) I’m missing my friends today. It’s the kind of missing that makes my heart smile with both remembrance and longing. The kind of missing that fills my head and belly with appreciation, drinking in the memories. I keep smiling. And missing. And smiling. I’ve been so fortunate, to have so many wonderful friends. There are so many special moments that are unbound by time or space. I feel the memories nourishing me this morning, a part of my blood, running through my body, filling my system. I want to sit back down with you, in the flesh, and just hang together. So, I do, in my mind. I can see one friend smiling through campfire light. Another next to me in the lawn under the stars, another swimming at Canadaigua Lake. I feel you through phone calls and laughter and tears. I feel you...


on Jul 16, 2021

We’ve been having a tough go over here that last number of weeks with our Jazzy. Instead of getting into all of the detail of that, I will just say it’s been hard. We’ve had a good deal of up down and all around.  Just when we thought we were saying goodbye, she showed us something more of her own timing and choice by doing miraculously better.  Coming back to life in all ways. This rallying, as beautiful as it is, is also just hard.  I had just come to terms with saying goodbye and helping her to leave her body.  The appointment was scheduled.  Many tears had been shed, the incredibly hard decision was made. In some ways, I was beginning to step into relief, which is hard to admit, but it’s true. It’s just one big layered soup. BUT, then I saw a shift in her.  I had asked her to show me what she wants and needs, and she is.  How can I not honor and...

Illumination, Warmth, Life.

on Jul 11, 2021

  Today, I felt the pleasure of the sun warming my legs and lower body. I let myself notice, receive, drink it in. Thank you dear Sun, thank you illumination, warmth, Life. Thank you also to myself, for taking the time to really feel.


on Jul 2, 2021

Today, I watched a blade of grass balance on the not quite yet flowered head of a dandelion. All it took was ten minutes to let myself get down on the grass, really drop in, and open my eyes from the perspective of ground. My reward, for coming down out of my bi-ped experience and meeting the earth, was an opening of my mind, an awareness of space that is already here… and then, this beautiful lesson of balance. Delicate, perfect, making the seemingly impossible possible, balance.   May 22, 2021 Image by Elle Hughes

Pleasure- acknowledging, appreciating, and receiving

on Jun 26, 2021

I’m offering a five week Continuum series focusing on pleasure this July. Part of the inspiration for this offering was my own inquiry around pleasure. Finding and receiving moments of pleasure in our every day life is not a luxury, it is an important part of opening ourselves to Life. Summer can be a perfect time to feel into this and experiment with this. During summer we get a break from some of the harshness of winter and flow into warmth, more movement outdoors, longer times of light, and can more easily open ourselves to witnessing the celebration of nature’s abundance. Being able to find places, however big or small, of harmony, connection, or beauty helps us stay soft, flexible, breathable, open. Finding places of pleasure is one way we can keep access to our life force energy.  Finding pleasure, in small moments and frequently, through what’s just right here opens...

Different Currents. Same Sky.

on Jun 20, 2021

May 22, 2021… I watched the clouds today. I watched them pass in opposite directions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this this way before. It’s so wild to think about all the different currents they ride on, all the layers of the sky. The clouds remind me of us- people and friends and families, all going our different directions on different currents, for different reasons, but all being moved through the same big wide beautiful shared sky.  

Joy Sips, Opening Up My Heart and My Life

on Jun 13, 2021

I’ve been working on figuring out how to have more joy in my life, maybe more importantly to recognize and drink in the moments of joy that are already there. I’ve re-started intentionally noticing what I love, what brings me pleasure, or puts a smile on my lips and in my heart. Joy is an important ingredient in the life I want to live, an important ingredient in filling up my cup a bit better, so that I can bring more of the fullness of myself to those around me. Opening to joy can be a tricky thing for me sometimes, especially when others are hurting, or when it feels like I’m buried under things I’m “needing” to get done. Sometimes, I get myself bound up so tight from stress that I forget to do anything, but push through. I’m realizing though, that joy is really important. My being opens with joy. I breathe easier after having even a small...

Wildflower Life

on Jun 4, 2021

Hello there dear readers who take the time. Today is my birthday and my mom is coming to visit! It will be the first time that we are getting to see each other in a year and a half. So this is a wonderful present in itself, but the cherry on top of the cake is that we are hoping to go find ourselves some early summer mountain wild flowers for my special day :)! In honor of this, I thought I would share with you a piece that emerged through me last week as I was coming out of a Continuum dive.  I opened my eyes to this photo by my good buddy David Drons.  (I love that you can subtly see my reflection because that’s basically what happened when I opened my eyes to it! That said, it does not of course do his image justice.) The photo was taken while he was in Alaska, a place that I still hope to see. Upon opening my eyes, I felt my body become earth body, I felt all the layers of my...