Grey, Walk, Music, Blue Sky, Grace

on Sep 18, 2021

I woke up with some deep heart ache today. Some remnants from dream time still haunting my emerging almost daylight thoughts. I’m moving in this day from somewhere in between the energy of new life and death, both gifts in their own ways, but in a context that doesn’t meet the realm of the to do list. I surrender to letting myself be with it, all the “it”. I release, let go, and be in the grey. It’s actually a beautiful day outside these walls here in Denver today.  75F and not a cloud in the sky. Big wide open blue. I feel this and know this. And also here, inside, is some grey to navigate. So, I do.  I do what makes sense for my outsides to meet my insides this day. Grocery shopping is on the “needs” list, but I just can’t make the connect back into practical mode to go. Not until… I tell myself to take a look, what are the...

Coming home…

on Sep 12, 2021

It was strange this past week to come home and not have Jaz here in the appartement. Something about the arriving back home made her absence more tangible again. I actually felt her a lot while I was away.  It was really wonderful to feel her travel with me in a different form.  Her strong queeny spirit made herself known on multiple occasions. I’m so grateful for all the little signs. I’m also so grateful to still have Bahni in our lives.  This helps a lot. There were a number of times we thought she might actually go before her sister, but even after being through so much, our little Bahnster just keeps going.  Cracked canine’s upon arrival, first benign mamarry tumors and surgery, then heart disease, three different types of cancer, a bulging disc that debilitated her for weeks, hip displaysia, some unexplained type of seizure occurrences, and all the testing and...

Liv Love

on Sep 5, 2021

Olivia Faith Maniace. This stuff never gets easier. I have not yet had the heart to write here about her passing, but today, I try. Olivia was such a special, sweet, and caring young woman. We first met at a Great Strides walk. She was just a little peanut at the time.  I was dancing in my purple and gold sparkly hula hoop in celebration of “The Purple K’s”, my walk team that year. Liv and her friend came over and I began to show her, at our best respectful infection control distance, how she could hoop too.  I was so touched by her even at this first meeting.  I couldn’t help myself.  She found her way into a special place in my heart and I would soon “adopt” her as my “little cyster”. After that first intro I found contact info for her mom, Sue (via a secret earth angel who also really wanted us to connect). I reached out to Sue and...

“Out”side In

on Aug 27, 2021

  Stopping to Let The Out- Side In

My Body Is Strong

on Aug 21, 2021

I felt some fear and what if today. Then I remembered. My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is miraculous.

Wildflower Spins

on Aug 15, 2021

Here’s another little slice of our Crested Butte trip.  This time from my hoop :)! Come take a spin through Momma Nature’s beauty with me! Love and gratitude, K

Crested Butte

on Aug 12, 2021

I have wanted to get out to Crested Butte for a few years now and we finally did it!  Hooray! I have heard so much about the beauty and specialness of this place and even though it was just a small taste and a short trip, it did not disappoint.  We can’t wait to come back to explore more. The wildflowers were so so beautiful, but it’s also just a sweet little town in a magnificent landscape. We found a perfect camp spot surrounded by mountains, a stream, the smell of evergreens, and of course, more wildflowers than we knew what to do with. Here’s a little taste of the goodness that blessed us through our days there. I hope you can feel even a small ripple of the nourishment from this place. With love and delight, Kori, wildflower at heart   Cottonwood Pass. On our way! How could I not love this place? Safety first right Bubba? Ears watching the...

Stepping into Change.

on Aug 6, 2021

Aug 3 I find myself still waiting for her to come when I wake up and ask me, tell me, to feed her, hop up on the bed. I’m still watching for her to come under my feet when I wake up. I’m still not shutting the bathroom door, because inevitably she will want to come in, then out, then back in again … then realize I can shut it. There’s no reason to keep it open this morning. My heart feels the emptiness, tears come…then the ok, I’m stepping into change.     Aug 5 I did Continuum this morning (first time since Jazzy passed). I felt her come in and be right beside me. On my left side. Laying down, head up, just watching and being, like she used to. Then resting in as I dove deeper. Still here, just different.